Spacious Design

Floor Plan

Please see the floor plan for available spaces in VTP

Basement Floor

Pedestrian and vehicular circulation in Versailles Town Plaza is a prime design consideration. The carefully constructed underground parking area will no doubt give a feeling of safety and shelter from the elements. Ease of access via the stairs and an elevator provide convenience to our guests.

Ground Floor

The ground level is suitable for a supermarket, restaurants, delis, and cafés.

Upper Ground Floor Plan

The upper ground level provides a full range of shopping and services. It can host numerous specialty shops and boutiques including but not limited to home improvement, banks, salons, and medical or dental clinics, in addition to more restaurants and bars

Second Floor Plan

The second floor will transform any visitor’s mall experience. It leverages two wings that are configurable for a fitness center and spacious food & beverage with Alfresco dinning enlivened by lush greeneries and a rustic charm.

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