Published on Year 2022

Since the beginning of time, human beings have looked to celestial bodies and the changing seasons o make sense of the world and our place in it. We take heed from astrology, following in the same tradition of harmonizing with nature’s rhythm as a light blueprint for experience.

The Lunar New Year coincides with a new moon to mark a clean slate, and with it an opportunity to reflect on the past and shape the future. This 2022, the world welcomes the year of the Water-Tiger.

As the king of all beasts. the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac is associated with qualities like strength, courage, and confidence. While Tiger years may be potentially explosive, the Water element, a symbol for change and motion, brings balance and softness to an otherwise fixed determination common in Tigers. The Water-Tiger represents the arts, design, and technology. These sectors may see progress in different directions.

Where past and future intersect

Looking back at the year that has been, State Properties Corporation held its ground-breaking ceremony for the very beginnings of the Versailles Town Plaza. 2021 saw the first steps in the fruition of a new dream in the heart of Alabang. Sharing in a dream for the community, we take pride in carrying out our corporate social responsibilities, providing livelihood opportunities both in construction and retail.

Poised to become the prime destination for dining, leisure, and lifestyle, the Versailles Town Plaza is being built with the needs of a new normal in mind. The commercial complex has been conceptualized with sustainable designs that include wide-open spaces and large windows to maximize airflow

and ventilation. We are preparing to become a go-to place for shopping, F&B, and services that cater to the everyday needs of nearby residents. Where business meets pleasure, the hub will be a place to gather and relax with family and friends in between closing business deals. Envisioning the Versailles Town Plaza for making memories big and small,

the roof deck is intended to double as an event area to house corporate functions and some of life’s sweetest milestones.

The project is slated for completion by the second half of 2024. At present, earthworks and concreting works for the foundation are in progress at 64% and 67% respectively. Overall accomplishment to date is 16% and within the target schedule.


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